May 20, 2011

Amazon Kindle Shortcuts

Хэрвээ Kindle хэрэглэдэг бол доорх shortcut -уудыг хэрэглэснээр Kindle -ийн боломжуудыг илүү мэдэрч болох нь байна.
Kindle 3 Shortcuts: General
  • alt + shift + G = screenshot
  • alt + G = screen refresh
  • shift + alt + m = play minesweeper (from homescreen)
  • alt + home = Kindle Store
  • alt + top row of letters on keyboard = numbers 1-9
  • hit menu to check the time
  • hit menu on homescreen to see available memory
  • turn off kindle 3 by pressing and holding the power slide for 7 seconds
  • reset the kindle by pressing and holding the power slide for 15 seconds (restart is also in settings then menu)
  • change primary dictionary by going to settings then menu

Kindle 3 Hot Keys While Reading

  • alt + B = add and remove bookmarks
  • right arrow on nav controller = skip to next chapter
  • left arrow on nav controller = skip to previous chapter
  • shift + Sym = Turn text to speech on and off
  • back turns off text to speech
  • spacebar pauses text to speech
  • set cursor down the page to start text to speech from there
Music Controls
  • alt + space = turn music on and off
  • alt + f = skip to next track

Kindle 3 Image Viewer

Kindle 3 өмнөх Kindle үүдийн нэгэн адилаар зураг үзэх хэрэглүүрийг бас агуулж. Бас л нууц хэрэглүүр. Зураг үзэхэд тийм ч тохиромжтой биш ч гэлээ, юу ч гэсэн оролдоод үзээрэй.

  • Plug the Kindle 3 into your computer with the USB cable.
  • Open the Kindle 3 as if you were adding ebooks to it and create a new folder among the other folders, not inside one of the other folders, and name it “pictures”.
  • Inside the “pictures” folder, create another folder to add the images into. Adding images directly in the “pictures” folder will not work. You can create multiple folders to have different collections if you want.
  • Safely unplug the Kindle from your computer and then tap alt + z on the homescreen to add the newly created folders to the book list. Click on the folder and the Image Viewer will launch.

Image Viewer Functions

  • q = zoom in
  • w = zoom out
  • e = reset zoom
  • c = actual size
  • f = full-screen
  • r = rotate
  • nav controller = pan
  • page forward and back = cycle through images

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